About me

Hi to my fellow bloggers,

Being a software engineer by profession and have been married 1.8 years to a wonderful hubby who is also a s/w engineer.I live in Hyderabad,the capital city.I am an easy going girl and I learn as i go...better or worse.I do have a lot of hobbies starting from my childhood.
No sooner Cooking has become one of my hobby.My hubby is the best critic to my dishes.The main reason i started a cooking blog is that in many food blogs I could not find Rayalseema and Telangana cusines.Born and brought up in kadapa,living@Hyderabad,married to a native of Vijayawada, I would like to include all cusines from AP.I may not post regularly as I am a working women. Only @my free times I can post.
I love to read starting from a newspaper to a novel.My library includes a collection of various books from Charles Dickens to Chetan Bhagat.

I love interior designing.I decorate my house.

I love gardening.My backyard has few plants which i love the most.

Sometimes Painting..Photography..travelling...the list goes on..hmm..
my photography

diya painting

pot painting

@Ellora caves

@Papi Kondalu

I cultivated new hobbies now a days like blogging. Some of my friends followed me.My other world of blogging is http://joshri.blogspot.com .
Time is a very big constraint for me.Despite 5 days of a week being spent in office I have only a couple of days left to work on my hobbies.
Do visit my blog and please leave your valuable compliments/comments.Good day...

My other tickles

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